User Guide

This app enables you to create private to-do lists for issues or for projects just for your user. Only you will be able to see and edit your notes. It has two parts:

  • Project Level Todo List

  • Issue Level Todo List


Issue Level Todo List appears in issue panels. Operations you can do on the issue level todo list are as follows:

Type todo item to the “Add Todo” text field, and hit enter to add it to your list.
Change the names of the to-dos by clicking onto to-dos.
Delete specific to-dos by using the remove button at the end of the corresponding row.
Delete all of the to-dos by using the “Delete All” button.
Let us know about any feedback you have by using the feedback button.





Project Level Todo List appears among project pages. From “Projects” menu on the navigation bar, open the related project for which you want to add todo items. On the left sidebar, you will see “Private ToDo” page.


The same operations that are listed in the issue level todo list can be performed in the project level todo list as well. In addition to those operations, you can search for specific todos by “Search Todo” field.