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Create powerful visuals to understand the teams, information, and processes that drive better decisions in every area of your business. Our org chart is a beautiful depiction of your company—who reports to who and how teams fit together.

What is Organizational Chart for Jira?

The Organizational Chart for Jira is a design system that with the help of it you can easily visualize your company for your leaders, team, and boards.

The Organizational Chart for Jira comes in two types of modules. after installation, one primary chart would get installed on Jira Admin Page and for each project that is available, one project-based chart would get installed on each project.

Each chart has its own database and it is completely isolated from another charts. Of course, the primary chart would only be accessible by Jira Admins.

With this approach, you could visualize your employees and teams on the primary chart, and each team based of the project needs, could draw different chart to help them visuals their relation and members.

Core Features



Automatic Layout

Create an org chart automatically with a few steps, no design skills required.

Employee Tasks Status

See each employee profile to find out they current assigned tasks, groups and other information right in the chart.

Easy Backup

Easily create backups of different charts with one simple click

How it works?

This guide will help you to get familiar with the core abilities of the Organizational Chart For Jira. As we go further to get familiar with the chart functions, I try to explain commons edge-cases that may happen and how could solve it.

Adding users to chart

The first screen after installation would be this, a white page with two buttons:

Add Users/Groups: the first step, simply by clicking this button, a modal would get open that loads all the users that are active. by selecting a user, it would get add to the chart as a Root user (top of the chart).

Upload Backup File: if you have a backup file, you can simply upload it to the chart. See the Import/Export section of this guide to see how it works.

After adding the first user on chart, by clicking on each user node a side-panel would get open on the right side. the first icon on the side-panel is “Add User”, By clicking on it the User Add Manager modal would get open again and you can easily select another user to get added under the selected user.

You can easily add different users under each other to create your team hierarchy, sound’s easy huh? but what if you want to add group of users under a specific user? adding user one-by-one definitely get cumbersome pretty soon.

User Add Manager

This Modal has different methods on it and so far we got to know Add User method. We managed three more methods for different use cases that can get benefits from:

Add by Group: As the name suggest, with this method you can add group of users under a specific user. The users that are included on selected group would get pulled from Jira and added to chart.

Add Parent: What if you have a Alice on chart and Bob is the user under her and you want to assign a new manager/leader between Alice and Bob (for example John) for Bob to reports to him instead of Alice.

By selecting this method, you can pick a user from the list and add it as a parent (up-level) user to the current selected user to the chart.

Add as a New Level: kind of opposite to Add Parent method, with this method you can select a new user to be a leader for a team under selected user.

Change User: What if you create a hierarchy for your teams and duo to some reasons, you want to change one of your teams leaders and set other team member to that position? we don’t want our entire hierarchy get deleted if we want to change any root user. with this method you can easily Replace any user on any level with another user from the selection list.

Deleting users from Chart

Just like adding user, there is a button on the side-panel of each user with trash-icon named Delete User that by clicking it a Delete Manager would get open

If the selected user is the last user on the chart hierarchy, Delete manager would simple needs a confirmation to delete the user:

But, if the selected user is in between levels and has some users related to it as children, Delete Manager would appear with two different methods for different scenarios:

Delete This User: It will inform you how many user is related to this user as children and what happen to them if we delete this user ( they would get propagate up one level )

Delete All Children: Just like adding groups of users, you can delete group of users with this method. it will delete all the first-related children of the selected user.


Full Chart / My Chart

After adding many users to chart, user hierarchy would get complex and hard to view your team on it. fortunately the Organizational Chart For Jira is smart enough to find out who is the current user of chart and based on that, It renders your specific related team under My Chart view. You can easily switch between these two views.

Import / Export Data

With the help of this methods, you with one simple click can create backups of different versions of your chart and load them very smoothly onto chart.

User Information Details

There is a third button on each user side-panel called User Info, and with that you can review user information.

User Groups: Groups that user is belongs to on Jira

User Properties: Custom properties that are saved on user profile

User Assigned Issue: Tasks that are assigned to that user on that specific project


So far, all we have done on chart was under Chart Admin privilege, for the sake of security and preventing honest mistakes from different users who visits the chart, we created a role-based access for this app.

It is a simple role-based access with two different roles:

Chart Admin: Chart admin have access to all the features, they can read/write/update/delete data.

Chart User: Chart users are under Read-only privilege.

The Setting page would only be accessible by users who already are in original Jira-administrator groups and by default all the users are considered as Chart User except the Jira Admins users. In the setting page a Jira admin can assign other users to Chart Admin role.